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A space to cleanse and revitalise both the body and mind.

Welcome to Yogi Studio, the choice destination for yoga classes and yoga retreats in Queensland. At Yogi Studio, we aim to provide our yogis with a full cleanse and revitalisation of both the body and mind. With us, you will experience a satisfying workout as well as your much-needed peace of mind.

Yogi Studio has been running for nine years now. Over the years, so many sweet souls have unrolled their mats at our studio, filling the room with vibrant energy that never leaves the place. We hold regular classes daily as well as meditation classes, workshops, and yoga retreats in Queensland.

Why Choose Yogi Studio?

You will love Yogi Studio because of our unique approach to practicing yoga. During our warm and hot hatha yoga classes, you will perform a hatha flow in a heated room, which warms your muscles and cleanses your body more effectively than in a regular room. Our yin yoga class, on the other hand, is held in room temperature as the slow pace of yin yoga is designed to relieve you of any physical stress.

We offer Kundalini Yoga – we are the first yoga studio in the Sunshine Coast to offer Kundalini. Kundalini Yoga is a branch of yoga that invites one to engage their body and mind more deeply and intimately than other styles of yoga.

Our yoga retreats in Queensland are well-attended both by regulars and newcomers. We consider our Yogi Studio community to be our closest spiritual companions, and we’re thankful for that every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an oasis for those who are looking to take care of themselves in the best way. The physical practice of yoga itself can keep a body strong and healthy, eliminating toxins and preventing illnesses. Breathwork or pranayama allows the dust in the mind to settle, leaving you more mentally and emotionally resilient. As a holistic practice, yoga can instill in you a level of self-awareness that may have seemed unattainable before. We always invite our yogis to look inward – as that is where true balance can be found.