Our Vision

❝ I was a prisoner, carrying a heavy load of bones and flesh. But I have broken the chains of my musclebound body, by the power of relaxation.
I am free. Now I shall try to go within.❞

– P. Yogananda –

The essence of all the practices of yoga is the movement of prana, the life force or vital energy. All Yoga invites us to look within and see how our body functions, how energy flows and how our minds operate.

Prana is in matter, but it is not matter. It is in the air, but it is not oxygen. It is a subtle form of energy that is in everything – the air, food, water, sunlight, and all forms of matter. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, you take more prana in and store it in the body – inviting great vitality and strength.

The essence of meditation is to still the body, the mind and open up the heart centre. As much as Yoga invites us in – Meditation invites us to look even deeper within, to observe how the body works, how energy flows and how our thoughts affect our wellbeing.

We offer guided meditation classes as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda (1893-1952) – a renowned yoga master, spiritual teacher and author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Yogananda describes relaxation as a form of power, referring to ‘a posture of total stillness’ known as Savasana. One of the most important postures in yoga practice.

Our aim is to facilitate learning and growth in your yoga practice, and on your yoga journey, providing impetus to improve your strength and flexibility. When we have the power to control the mind and the body, we then have the capacity to unite the body, mind, heart and soul with harmony, love and peace.

Our vision is to guide and teach you how to fully relax, let go of everything and be in the moment, to receive maximum benefits from your yoga and meditation practice.