Class Descriptions

Hot Hatha

Practiced in Infrared heat at 37° postures are taught in a sequence with breath awareness to facilitate a complete workout from the inside-out by targeting all the major systems of the body – Receiving a deeper cleanse and weight loss! The heat will provide impetus to build cardiovascular strength, physical and mental strength.

Hot Room (37°)

Warm Hatha

This class is practiced in lower heat – still warming your muscles, stretching the muscle fibres, ligaments and tendons, but without the cardiovascular work. The emphasis is more on the inner body – fusing the sequence with some yin postures to target the deeper connective tissues that help to lubricate our joints and improve circulation.

Warm Room (30°)

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice designed to develop softness, stillness and steadiness by holding poses for an extended period of time (2-5 minutes) We use the natural body weight and natural gravity of the earth to move deeper, beyond the superficial layers of the muscles and target the deeper connective tissues that both support the structure of our bodies as well as improve our ease of movement.

Yin yoga invites us to explore where resistance arises. This resistance could be physical, emotional or psychological. Therefore, we start to become more aware, more conscious to honour our deeper feelings and emotions as they affect our state of wellbeing.

Room Temperature

Restorative Yoga

Join us for a deeply relaxing and restorative movement and meditation. During this class we will use props including bolsters and blocks to support gentle 4-6 minute passive stretches to achieve ultimate comfort. When the body is in a total state of comfort, we can surrender deeper into poses, releasing bodily tensions and ultimately calm the nervous system, tuning into the parasympathetic tone – our systems rest and digest response.

We tend to be so overstimulated in our day to day busy lives and the slow meditative pace of restorative yoga, enables us to decompress and come home to our breath, body and the present moment.

Room Temperature

Kundalini Yoga

In Kundalini yoga, you will develop awareness, where you experience your practice, your body in a deeper, more transformative way. We are sensory beings and all we create, we create through our awareness and as we develop this by being present to our senses and learning how to use our energy- we become aware of our inner power and we connect with our intuition, our soul. Your soul is within your heart.

You will focus on strengthening the mind/mental, the physical body and the nervous system by combining postures, breath, mudras, bandah’s (locks in the body) and mantras in meditation.

Warm Room (30°)